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Civil Rights Campaign Northern Ireland

Civil Rights Campaign Northern Ireland

Civil Rights Campaign Northern Ireland: Did SF/IRA high-jack Civil Rights Campaign or did they Manufacture it, as they did Manufacture opposition to Loyal Order Parades in the 1990s? Here is something you did not know!

According to Joe Campbell, “While the local council provided the opportunity, we in The IRA exploited that opportunity”

Gerry Adams, 1996, admits Sinn Fein/PIRA manufactured opposition to Loyal Order Parades

Joe Campbell, with Austin Currie and Patsy Gildernew
In June 1980, when I joined Sinn Fein/PIRA, my first significant role within Sinn Fein/PIRA was working on Internal Security with J.B. O’Hagan. In June 1980, J.B. O’Hagan was living outside Monaghan Town on the Ballybay Road and sharing a house with Joe Campbell.

Joe Campbell (in front of man with child) Hunger-Strike march, Monaghan Town, 1981

So, what was Joe Campbell, an alleged ‘Civil Rights Activist, doing sharing a house with a notorious Sinn Fein/PIRA Serial Killer and Assistant Chief of Staff of Sinn Fein/PIRA? 

In the 1970s, J.B. O’Hagan had gone On-The-Run to Monaghan, was arrested by An Garda Siochana and imprisoned. J.B. O’Hagan would then escape from Mountjoy Jail by helicopter with other senior Sinn Fein/PIRA members Seamus Twomey and Kevin Mallon.

In the 1970s J.B. O’Hagan was Quarter-Master for Sinn Fein/PIRA in Monaghan/East Tyrone, he ensured a constant supply of weapons and explosives for attacks in border counties. J.B. O’Hagan had supplied all of the weapons and explosives used to attack Clogher Barracks when Eva Martin was murdered.

By 1980 when I joined Sinn Fein/PIRA in Monaghan, J.B. O’Hagan was Sinn Fein/PIRA Recruiting Officer and also in charge of Internal Security. J.B. O’Hagan was present when I was sworn in to Sinn Fein/PIRA and he recruited me to work on Internal Security. 

Me, front left carrying coffin to commemorate death of Kieran Doherty, 1981
While I worked on Internal Security with J.B. O’Hagan, I would regularly visit his house on the Ballybay Road. Joe Campbell sat in on our conversations and this was encouraged by J.B. as Joe Campbell had been a trusted member of Sinn Fein/PIRA from the Sinn Fein/PIRA Border Campaign, 1956-62.

J.B. O’Hagan, Joe Campbell and I often enjoyed a cup of tea together in the house on the Ballybay Road, neither J.B. O’Hagan or Joe Campbell drank alcohol, however, part and parcel of my Internal Security work involved drinking and socialising with Sinn Fein/PIRA members. One would not sit long in the company of Jim Lynagh, Laurence McNally and so forth while drinking mineral water.

Joe Campbell told me that he had recruited Patsy Gildernew to Sinn Fein/IRA in 1960 and it was this relationship that had ensured that both men were able to exploit the opportunity presented in Caledon in 1968, Joe said; 

“While the local council provided the opportunity, we in The IRA exploited that opportunity”

When I asked Joe Campbell about the role of Austin Currie in the Caledon situation, Joe said that Austin Currie was a good man with honorable intentions, for Sinn Fein/PIRA Austin was useful in that he provided good political cover for what was an IRA operation. 

Joe Campbell said that Austin Currie had no idea what was about to unfold, or the capacity of Sinn Fein/IRA at that time to exploit the situation.

It was clear from conversations with J.B. O’Hagan and others that following the humiliation of the Sinn Fein/IRA Border Campaign 1956-62, Sinn Fein/IRA were re-grouped and re-armed by 1968 and ready for any spark to light the flame of sectarian violence. 

It has since been shown by released official documents, that prior to 1968, the Irish Government had been preparing to take action against a re-grouped Sinn Fein/PIRA, however, this action was over-taken by events in Northern Ireland.

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Northern Bank Robbery 2004

Northern Bank Robbery 2004

While I was in prison (grievous miscarriage of Justice, returning to Court of Appeal 2021) in December 2004 when the Northern Bank Robbery took place, I was also in contact with An Garda Siochana on a regular basis, this related to various crimes that had been brought to my attention by fellow prisoners. One of the crimes that I was assisting An Garda Siochana with, was the Murder of Sophie Tuscan Du Plantier in Cork, a fellow prisoner had told me that a certain individual had admitted to him that he had murdered this young women.

During a conversation with senior Detectives following the Northern Bank robbery, they told me that Gerry Adams had been under surveillance before the robbery, and Adams had meet with Ted Cunningham in Cork, Ted would be convicted of laundering money totaling £3,000,000 from the Northern Bank robbery. Ted told Gardai that Phil Flynn, a former Vice-President of Sinn Fein/PIRA, was the Boss in relation to the money laundering. 

Phil Flynn was also a Director of Bank of Scotland at the time of the Northern Bank Robbery and an advisor to Berty Ahern. When Phil Flynn stepped down as Sinn Fein/PIRA, Vice President in 1984, he said publicly at the Ard Fheis that year, that he would always be available to Sinn Fein/PIRA.

Provisional Sinn Fein/IRA always focused a great deal of their energy on placing people on the inside of banking and financial institutions, not simply to gain Intelligence on the movement of money, details for counter-fitting (1984), Tiger-kidnappings, but also to target members of the security forces and others of interest.

Tonight 3rd May, 2021, Darragh MacIntyre and Sam McBride will at 9pm on BBC examine the Northern Bank Robbery by Sinn Fein/PIRA in 2004. Sinn Fein/PIRA have always denied involvement due to the political fall-out, however, I am satisfied, having infiltrated Sinn Fein/PIRA again 2010-2015 that Sinn Fein/PIRA sanctioned and participated fully in the robbery and the money laundering that followed. Bobby Storey had no problem telling me that he had directed the Northern Bank robbery and that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness were supportive of the robbery. 

When Bobby and I spoke to each other, it was an honest conversation, as Bobby knew that I had prevented the Murder of senior members of Sinn Fein/PIRA in Belfast.

So, what do I know about the Northern Bank and Sinn Fein/PIRA?

In 1996, I handed the document below to a BBC NI journalist, Ann Cadwalader, so that she could give me a view on the possibility of having the document published as a book. I knew that Ann Cadwalader was married to a leading member of Sinn Fein/PIRA, Gerry O’Hare, however, I was trusting her journalistic integrity. While I knew Gerry when he was in Dublin, I knew his first wife, Rita O’Hare better as she was based at Sinn Fein/PIRA HQ in Dublin and now fronts Friends of Sinn Fein in America.

Shortly after I had given my document to Ann Cadwalader, I was told by a female ‘republican’ from Coalisland that two members of Sinn Fein/PIRA from west Belfast wanted to meet with me. The female from Coalisland had no explanation as to why Sinn Fein/PIRA wanted to meet with me. I agreed to meet with the two members of Sinn Fein/PIRA at Cloisters café in The Students Union at Queens University, where both the female ‘republican’ from Coalisland and I were studying.

A male and female member of Sinn Fein/PIRA arrived at Cloisters, both were in their early/mid-twenties and presented well. The two Sinn Fein/PIRA members made it very clear that they were representing Sinn Fein/PIRA Command Staff in west Belfast. They wanted to know what my ‘political’ position was, what I was up to. They certainly skirted around the document that I had given the BBC journalist, which was effectively a history of Sinn Fein/PIRA. They said that they had been told that I was a Born Again Christian and effectively a Protestant, I asked them, if I was, how would that be a problem, as the Father of Republicanism was a Presbyterian called Wolfe Tone. This piece of history appeared to throw them.

Having chatted for about half an hour the female and male Sinn Fein/PIRA members left, with as much information as they had when they arrived. While they would not have known it, I was still working with Kevin McKenna and Martin McGuinness.

Shortly after this meeting with the Sinn Fein/PIRA members from west Belfast, I called into Northern Bank, on the street in front of City Hall, to meet a friend for lunch. When I walked into the bank, my friend was working directly behind the counter, and to the left of him was the male and female members of Sinn Fein/PIRA who had meet with me at Cloisters. They were all imputing data from cheque-book stubs into computers.

In 2000, Ann Cadwalader, wrote lies about me and was paid for the publication of those lies, therefore exposing Ann Cadwalader as a liar and a fraudster. If this is not true, she can issue a Civil Action and see where it gets her.

Money Laundering Operation 2002

In 2002, I was in prison in The Republic, this was a non-political prison, however, Ministerial Orders were being signed and transferring Sinn Fein/PIRA, Real IRA and Continuity IRA in on top of me, for nefarious reasons.

It was in 2002, that one of Sinn Fein/PIRA’s most significant money launderers arrived into the prison having been sentenced to five-years. Kieran Byrne then (34) spoke freely to me as he would have known many of the people that I knew along the south Armagh/Louth border.

Kieran Byrne had been operating a Bureau de Change from a semi-detached building shared with a Garda Station at Dromad, Dundalk, a short distance from the south Armagh border, the bureau had a turnover of more than £17 million a year. It also operated as a private bank, handling up to £60 million for 150 customers, many of whom were Proxies for Sinn Fein/PIRA.

Kieran Byrne was able to tell me that other Proxy Finance companies along the border from Donegal, Monaghan to Louth were involved in laundering money for Sinn Fein/PIRA, most of the money coming from smuggling, robberies, protection rackets including drugs and so forth.

Kieran Byrne told me that members of Sinn Fein/PIRA who were well known to him would arrive with cash sums ranging from £50,000 to £350,000, usually in plastic bags, and he would launder that money for a percentage of the sum lodged. Kieran said that after the Good Friday Agreement Sinn Fein/PIRA were laundering millions with him as drug dealers were paying a higher percentage of their takings to Sinn Fein/PIRA as Sinn Fein/PIRA had Murdered a number of dealers.

Kieran had been convicted of a number of charges, failing to take measures to establish the identity of a customer of foreign exchange, carrying on a bureau de change at Dromad Enterprises, Dundalk, without authorisation and handling cash representing the proceeds of criminal activity. All of the charges related to dates between 1998-2000, however, Kieran said that money laundering had been on-going for decades.

Kieran’s premises were searched by Gardaí on October 19, 1999, and documents, cash totalling £700,000 and cheques and bank drafts for £900,000 were seized, and Kieran was arrested.

A forensic accountant working with An Garda Siochana, Mr David McManus, analysed documents seized at the premises including banking and business records. He said the business was mainly exchanging sterling and punt currencies and there were bank accounts both sides of the Border. The turnover from the Republic was mirrored in Northern Ireland, he said.

He said figures from the AIB in Dundalk showed that in the 3½ years from 1996 the turnover exceeded that declared to the Central Bank by £27.1 million.

Mr McManus said Byrne had accepted up to £350,000 sterling per transaction, and some individual accounts were in false names.

Among the documents seized were 12 customer cheques totalling £122,326 sterling, with no payee details. This was consistent with money-laundering schemes.

Soon after Kieran was sentenced to five years, Sinn Fein/PIRA made representations to the Irish Government and Kieran was given early release. People such as Phil Flynn, originally from Dundalk and once arrested and charged with being Director of Finance for Sinn Fein/PIRA, was in 2002 in a powerful position with Berty Ahern.

Northern Bank Robbery 2004

I am satisfied having infiltrated Sinn Fein/PIRA again in 2010-2015, and engaging directly with Bobby Storey that the Sinn Fein/PIRA Leadership including Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness sanctioned The Northern Bank robbery. Sinn Fein/PIRA needed a great deal of money if they were to make any significant electoral breakthrough in The Republic. It is not much of a stretch to imagine that McGuinness's MI6 Handlers would have been happy to allow the robbery to go ahead and this would explain why nobody has been successfully prosecuted in relation to the kidnappings and actual robbery.

While commentators talk about the risk to the ‘peace-process’ by carrying out the Northern Bank robbery, this is utter nonsense, Sinn Fein/PIRA had continued to Murder at will without political sanction north and south after Good Friday Agreement. The British Government had categorised continued criminality by Sinn Fein/PIRA, including murder, as “InternalHouse-keeping” (Mo Mowlam, 1999) and not a breach of their agreed ‘cease-fire’. This flawed thesis had been supported by Tony Blair and Berty Ahern.

Anyone looking for Sinn Fein/PIRA involvement in the Northern Bank robbery, need look no further than those Sinn Fein/PIRA who had been placed inside the banking system for years and those Sinn Fein members since convicted of money laundering in relation to the robbery, for example, George Hegarty was a card carrying member of Sinn Fein/PIRA when he was convicted.

Following the Northern Bank Robbery, IRA member, Don Bullman from Cork was arrested in early 2005 at Heuston Station in Dublin, he was found in possession of a Daz washing power box containing more than €90,000, he was jailed for IRA membership. Those arrested by Gardai following the northern bank robbery, included several men from Derry and a former Sinn Féin candidate. While the PSNI arrested several well known Sinn Fein/PIRA including Brain Arthurs, arrested with this author in 1986 under 7 day detention order.

An Garda Siochana also recovered over £2,000,000 from the Northern Bank robbery during raids in Cork and Dublin. Around $100,000 in US banknotes was also recovered from a toilet of the police athletic association's Newforge Country Club. The PSNI confirmed the money was taken during the Northern Bank heist but said the stash was likely to have been "planted to distract detectives".

This latter act, the work of the same people, Bobby Storey, who would provide Gerry Adams with a list of 27 Sinn Fein/PIRA sex criminals protected by the Sinn Fein/PIRA leadership, in order that Gerry could give that list to An Garda Siochana and take the political pressure off.

Bobby had worn a women’s scarf about his head, placed the list through Gerry’s letter box, so that Gerry had images of a mysterious women on his CCTV placing the list through his front door and therefore a back-story to explain how he had the list.

Money Laundering in Cork

At a house owned by financial adviser Ted Cunningham in Farran, County Cork, £2.3 million was impounded after being discovered hidden in compost and Cunningham and his wife were taken in for further questioning. Phil Flynn, who was chairman of the Bank of Scotland (Ireland), had to resign as he was also involved in one of Ted Cunningham’s companies. Phil had been Vice-President of Sinn Fein/PIRA until 1984 and an Advisor to Berty Ahern at the time of the Robbery.

In March 2009, financial adviser Ted Cunningham from Cork was found guilty at Cork Circuit Court on ten charges of laundering over £3 million which came from the robbery. He was remanded into custody and later received a sentence of ten years' imprisonment. His son was also convicted on one count of money laundering. Ted Snr told Gardai that Phil Flynn was the Boss of the money laundering operation.

When Ted Cunningham senior appealed, his conviction was quashed by the Court of Criminal Appeal in May 2012. The court viewed the warrant used to search his house as invalid because it had been issued by the senior Garda officer in charge of the investigation, as permitted by section 29(1) of the Offences against the State Act, a state of affairs which the Supreme Court had recently found to be repugnant to the Constitution of Ireland.

The court ordered a retrial on nine of the ten original counts of money laundering. It directed that the tenth, relating to a sum of money allegedly found in Cunningham's home, was not to be retried. Cunningham was remanded into custody with the possibility of bail.

At the retrial in February 2014, Ted Cunningham pleaded guilty and received a 5-year suspended sentence on two counts of laundering about £275,000. Cunningham avoided imprisonment on account of his bad health and his promise to resign from Chesterton Finance. The sums of £2.985 million and €45,000 which had been impounded during police raids were forfeited to the state. Cunningham sued Northern Bank in 2020 regarding the impounded money, alleging that the Gardai had seized it improperly.

Garda surveillance had recorded Gerry Adams meeting with Ted Cunningham before the heist took place. Alongside the murder of Robert McCartney, the heist caused the US government to block fund-raising for Sinn Féin/PIRA in the United States in March 2005. The ban was dropped in November 2005.

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Sinn Fein Derry, Resignations, Governance, Elections

Sinn Fein Derry, Resignations, Governance, Elections

Sinn Fein/PIRA The Maiden City, What’s happening? Yesterday, I spoke to a SF/PIRA member in The Maiden City, known to me for past 40 years. As Martina Anderson packs her bags, here is the full story to date…

Not since Bobby Storey raided Castlereagh RUC Holding Centre in 2002, and discovered dozens of Informers at several levels in Sinn Fein/PIRA, has there been such a move against several layers of the Sinn Fein/PIRA Leadership in any area, as there is this week in The Maiden City.

Yesterday 1st May 2021, I spoke with a member of Sinn Fein/PIRA in The Maiden City, this person has been known to me for 40 years. I asked a very difficult question, why has Martina Anderson and Karen Mullan been asked to consider their position by June 2021?

He said that there have been a number of on-going issues including Martina Anderson using her position as MEP to lobby to Stopthe Extradition of Omagh Bomber, Liam Campbell. Martina’s lobbying for Campbell has pushed softer Sinn Fein/PIRA votes to The SDLP and more hardened voters and long serving supporters of Sinn Fein/PIRA to Independent Republicans such as Gary Donnelly. The ranks of ‘dissident’ ‘republicans’ are filling in Derry while Sinn Fein/PIRA have lost five seats on the local council.

Since 2020, when official papers released in The Republic after 30 years, showed that Gerry Adams had told John Hume about the plan to Murder Thatcher in 1990, there have been rumors' in Derry that it was the Belfast Leadership that gave up Martina Anderson and Patrick McGee in 1985, and these rumors are driving people towards The New IRA.

For those of you reading this blog post, it is important to note, that Sinn Fein/PIRA armed The Real IRA in 1997-98 in order to use them as Proxies, however, Sinn Fein/PIRA would not want that continuing relationship animated in the public domain in the manner that Martina Anderson has done so.

My Sinn Fein/PIRA contact said that there were serious governance and monetary issues, which had come to a head with the discovery of Covid 19 Grant money ‘resting’ in the personal accounts of several Sinn Fein/PIRA members.

As a result of all of these elements the entire leadership of Derry Sinn Féin has been asked to stand aside.

Multiple sources within the Sinn Fein/PIRA North and South have this morning 2nd May 2021, confirmed by e-mail and direct message with The Irish Observer, that a number of individuals in the Derry Comhairle Ceantair were stood aside last week after a long investigation into the local group regarding election performance and governance.

The investigation focused heavily on elections after two disastrous days at the polls. In the most recent local elections for Derry and Strabane council, the party lost five seats and its position as the largest party. In the UK general election, then Sinn Fein/PIRA MP Elisha McCallion lost the Foyle seat to the SDLP's Colum Eastwood by more than 17,000 votes. It is believed that many of these votes were lost due to Martina Anderson’s support for Omagh Bomber, Liam Campbell.

Ms McCallion, who was later appointed to the Seanad, then stood down after it emerged, she had received £10,000 in a Stormont Covid-19 grant for which she was ineligible and that money had been ‘resting’ in her account.

Her resignation was seen at the time as “the final nail in the coffin” for the party’s hopes in Derry and an in-depth investigation was launched.

Sinn Fein/PIRA Implementation plan Directed by Sinn Fein/PIRA Leadership in Belfast

It is understood "the leadership" of Sinn Féin/PIRA, which included MLA Gerry Kelly, a Royal Pardon recipient, spoke to the group on Friday about an "implementation plan" and asked the leadership of Sinn Fein/PIRA in The Maiden City to step aside, according to one elected representative.

Some of those asked to stand down are family members of Sinn Féin/PIRA elected officials in Stormont. All of these Sinn Fein/PIRA members were requested to keep the decision out of the public eye; however, some could not resist contacting The Irish Observer and The Irish Observer is happy to share the good news.

A senior source in Sinn Fein/PIRA, said that Derry, once a former heartland for Sinn Féin/PIRA, would need "a generation" to improve.

"This has been coming a long time. There's a clique that has run the place into the ground effectively," they said.

"There are people on the leadership who aren't responsible, and that's unfair if they've been forced to stand aside, but it needed a clear-out in order to bring about the change that's needed to build up confidence and trust locally, and it'll take a considerable amount of time.

"There was a core group making decisions about controlling power as opposed to progressive politics. 

If those governance issues aren't addressed, people don't hang around.

"Head office is sending an important signal, they're taking it seriously, but what replaces it now? There's very little confidence in the party in the town (Derry). I've never heard it as bad; it ranges from questioning decisions to complete hostility; some people are hated and it's a sad reflection on everyone in the party."

A Sinn Féin/PIRA elected official told The Irish Observer this morning: "After the last election results, council and general, we need an election plan to get things right with the (Stormont) Assembly elections coming up possibly May next year. We knew Elisha would lose the seat but we didn't expect to take such a thrashing."

A Sinn Féin/PIRA spokesperson said: "Sinn Féin established a review group in the Foyle constituency in the context of next year's Assembly election. Derry Sinn Féin has accepted a recommendation from that review to set up an electoral strategy group to oversee preparation for those elections."

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Secretary of State Murder Plan 2000

Secretary of State Murder Plan 2000

Follower – DM: “Before you are eventually killed, will you tell us how you were responsible for preventing the Murder of The Secretary of State and his staff in 2000”, My Reply, “I do not fear death, and certainly not at the hands of Traitors, but I will tell you”


On the 18 July 1998, I was attacked by six members of Sinn Fein/PIRA who were led by Sean ‘The Rat’ Clinton on the Ormeau Road. One of these rats would later plead guilty to assaulting me and a threat to kill was taken into consideration.

Later that night a Sinn Fein/PIRA gang led by an RUC Tout and made up of known rapists and paedophiles, murdered Andrew Kearney in front of his baby daughter and partner.

Following these two events in 1998, I was contacted by Andrew Kearney’s Mother, Maureen Kearney, to assist her with her campaign for justice for Andrew Kearney and his family.

I lead a high-profile campaign for Justice for Andrew Kearney, however, as the gang was made up of protected Touts and Rapists, Justice would remain elusive.

In 1999, Maureen told me that she was concerned that her son Joseph Kearney had become involved with a Terrorist organisation due to his anger over the murder of Andrew by Sinn Fein/PIRA and their apparent protection by the State, in particular Mo Mowlam’s “Internal House-keeping thesis”.

I told Maureen that I would establish if Joseph was a member of a terrorist organisation and let her know.

My cousin Seamus McKenna was initially a member of Sinn Fein/PIRA, but was from 1998 floating between Continuity IRA and The Real IRA. Seamus had in fact delivered the Omagh Bomb.

I asked Seamus if Joseph Kearney was a member of CIRA or The Real IRA, Seamus went off and reported back that Joseph had joined a terrorist organisation, and was in 2000 to play a key role in the planned bombing of the home of the Secretary of State, Peter Mandelson, the plan was mass murder and the collapse of the peace-process’.

I was not a member of any organisation in 2000, and so I was free to talk to whom ever I pleased, I ensured that the authorities were fully informed about the planned murder of the Secretary of State and his staff. The bomb was stopped a short distance from the home of the Secretary of State.

If the planned Murder of the Secretary of State had succeeded, the fall-out would have been extraordinary, many innocents would have been murdered in retaliation and the ‘peace -process’ would also have died.

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Sinn Fein Sex Crime High Court Action

                                                THE HIGH COURT 

                                           RECORD NO. 2021/0000P

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx






AFFIDAVITT: Plenary Summons

Delivered this 5th Day of March 2021 by The Plaintiff

I, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, Project Manager, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx, IRELAND, xxxxxxxx, being 18 years and upwards make Oath and say as follows:

In 2020, I was meeting with a well-respected journalist in order to give him an update on who controls Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA. I was able to confirm that the Provisional IRA Army Council continues to control Sinn Fein/PIRA on the Island of Ireland and beyond with an over-arching strategy. This information comes from my contacts within Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA who have been known to me for decades.

During this meeting in 2020, I used my Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA Diary from 1986 to support a point I was making. At this moment I came upon a reference in my Diary that reawakened memories in me of being Raped by a member of Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA when I was a Child and being subject to a Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA Kangaroo Court in Monaghan Town, chaired by J.B. O’Hagan who was a senior member of the Provisional IRA and who ran for election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in1983.

These memories had been placed at the back of my mind for decades and I had not spoken about them to anyone since the time of being Raped in 1980.

While I am seeking damages of £10,000,000, as set out in my Statement of Claim, from Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA, I will not use one penny of that money for myself, but I will establish an all-Ireland Scholarship for the many thousands of Women and Children who have been Raped by Sinn Fein/PIRA since 1969.

One night in 1980, while I was in The Clara Inn (later The Chieftain) in Park Street, Monaghan Town, I was having my crisps and coke and watching TV in the bar when I was approached by a big man. This man introduced himself as Michael Lynagh and he explained that he was Jim Lynagh’s brother. Michael Lynagh chatted to me for a while and then invited me back to a house. As Michael Lynagh was Jim Lynagh’s brother I went back to the house with him. The house was not far from The Clara Inn and belonged to a couple who had a serious drink problem.

Michael Lynagh poured two glasses of whiskey for he and I, it was horrible stuff, but he was insistent and I suppose I thought it was manly to be drinking whiskey. When Michael believed I was drunk enough he forced me face down on the coach and drove a knife through the back of my left hand and pinned me to the wooded arm of the couch and he raped me, I fought like mad but he was a brute, an animal. I was very small in stature for my age due to childhood illnesses.

Michael Lynagh warned me not to tell anyone, he reminded me who he was and so forth. I left and went back to my bedsit, I understood the violence, I cannot say that I understood everything that had happened. The next day I went to work as normal and I made an excuse and went and got my hand stitched. I decided to speak with a member of the PIRA, I told him what had happened. A meeting was arranged and I was taken to meet other PIRA members, the most senior of which was J.B. O’Hagan.

J.B. O’Hagan was one of three senior PIRA who had escaped from Mountjoy Jail by helicopter and he would run for election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1983. J.B.O’Hagan told me how important Jim Lynagh was to The Republican Movement, he told me that the Gardai would use the attack on me to damage Sinn Fein/PIRA, and he remined me what had happened to 17 year-old Columba McVeigh five years earlier in Monaghan. J.B. O’Hagan finally told me that Michael Lynagh would be moved to Dublin.

It was known that Michael Lynagh was raping children, and two people challenged Jim Lynagh about the fact that Sinn Fein/PIRA were protecting Michael Lynagh. One of the people who challenged Jim Lynagh, Gabriel Murphy was shot dead in Emyvale by the PIRA and a second person, xxxxxx xxxxxxxx was subject to a savage assault and was left with a broken neck.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Mrs Thatcher, IRA, Murder

Margaret Thatcher A Plan to Murder

When I was a child, Kevin McKenna who was much older than I, would cycle into our small town and give me a lift on the cross-bar of his bike to my Grandparents house. Kevin McKenna was simply known to me as a cousin and he would in later years become a notorious sectarian serial killer.

Kevin McKenna speaking Carrickmore early 1970s

In 1989, Provisional IRA, Chief of Staff, Kevin McKenna, who was based in Monaghan, was under extreme pressure, the SAS were wiping out units under his command with regularity, serious questions were being asked about his ability to continue to hold his position as Chief of Staff.

Kevin McKenna needed a spectacular to put him back on the map, McKenna knew only too well that Martin McGuinness wanted his old job as Chief of Staff back. McGuinness was an MI6 Agent, a puppet, rather than a caricature of James Bond, and his bosses were unhappy that the position of Chief of Staff remained outside of their reach.

Martin McGuinness's handler, MI6 Officer, Michael Oatley
In 1989, I was viewed as extremely trustworthy within Kevin McKenna’s tight circle, this trust came from a decade of service to Sinn Fein/PIRA, a significant attempt by the RUC to recruit me in 1988, and the discovery by the PIRA that the Gardai were paying a lad to watch my house. All of the above, in the eyes of the PIRA, added up to someone who had not been compromised.
Christmas Card from Provisional IRA Commander, Jim Lynagh, most senior PIRA killed by the British.

In 1989, the PIRA in Monaghan had literally died the death, following Loughgall very few were putting themselves forward for active service. Michael ‘Pete’ Ryan and a handful of others were murdering a few Protestants along the border, but beyond that it was all very hit and miss.

I was once asked to describe Kevin McKenna’s leadership at this time, and I said, he was like a small child standing in the middle of a frozen lake, that lake covered in thin ice. If McKenna, the small child, moved even one step in the wrong direction, the ice would crack and break open and consume him.

Targeting Thatcher 1989

In 1989, I was extremely busy, I was in the running club, I was working full-time in Monaghan Mushrooms and a host of other activities. Kevin McKenna approached me, Kevin asked me if I would be prepared to go to London on active service. I was surprised by Kevin’s request, as the dogs on the street knew that the PIRA were finished. However, I kept my thoughts to myself.

Kevin McKenna told me to take some time to think about his request and get back to him. I knew that if I did not take up the request, then someone else would probably be sent to England. I went back to Kevin and told him I would go. Kevin McKenna explained what he wanted me to do, he wanted me to target British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Interestingly, State Papers released in 2020, show that Gerry Adams warned John Hume that the PIRA might murder Thatcher. Adams surely knew that Hume would pass this information onto his contacts in both the British and Irish Governments.

Gerry Adams with Provisional IRA, Chief of Staff, Kevin McKenna.
“In relation to the Gow death, Adams rather oddly said that he was worried that ‘they will kill Thatcher’,” Hume told Gallagher, according to the Memo, just released into the National Archives under the 30-year rule in 2020. State Papers 2020

I find this action by Adams in 1990 quite extraordinary as it clearly placed the lives of PIRA Volunteers at risk, particularly as the SAS were wiping out PIRA Units with regularity. Interestingly, it was Gerry Adams who had sanctioned the plan to Murder Mrs Thatcher at Brighton in 1984 and Adams had personally travelled to Monaghan Town to have the plan ratified by PIRA Chief of Staff, Kevin McKenna.

Brighton Bomb 1984

In the summer of 1984, I was Managing the Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA Advice Centre and Shop at 21 Dublin Street, Monaghan Town, this can be confirmed with any member of An Garda Siochana who was serving in Monaghan at that time. The European Elections were due to be held on the 14 June, 1984 and we were running Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin.

In early June, 1984, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin told me that three senior members of Provisional IRA Northern Command, including Gerry Adams would be arriving later that day. I ensured the place was clean and tidy, that chairs were arranged upstairs and that there was tea/coffee, milk and digestive biscuits.

When Gerry Adams arrived his two colleagues were wearing black leather jackets, all a bit urban I thought, I was introduced to Gerry Adams by Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin and I then positioned myself downstairs at the front door to alert the meeting upstairs if there was any Garda activity on Dublin Street.

The Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA Office at 21 Dublin Street is very small, it was initially a small domestic dwelling. There was one room upstairs that was positioned exactly above the one room shop downstairs. There was a small staircase that led upstairs and every word spoken upstairs echoed downstairs. The only time I could not fully understand what was being said upstairs was when Gerry Adams and Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin spoke Irish, although I had a good idea what they were saying, as I was attending Irish Classes at that time.

While Gerry Adams and his two comrades used the cover of the European Elections for their visit to Monaghan and they had some interest in the elections. Gerry Adams had arrived to personally advice Provisional IRA, Chief of Staff, Kevin McKenna, that the Conservative Party Conference was going to be targeted later in 1984, in the hope of killing British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The British Security Services were on high alert for the conference, however, as the plastic explosive was wrapped in cling-film, which was normal, the sniffer dogs did not detect the bomb.

Gerry Adams and Provisional IRA Northern Command had an obligation to notify both The Chief of Staff and Southern Command of any planned activity in England as such activity fell under the Jurisdiction of Southern Command. The bomb exploded at Brighton, 12 October, 1984, at the Grand Brighton Hotel. Patrick McGee would later be convicted of the bombing as he had left his finger-print while staying in the hotel under a pseudonym, Roy Walsh, in September, 1984. 

Kevin McKenna was desperate to up stage Martin McGuinness, he had not trusted McGuinness from at least 1986, when McGuinness was arrested after leaving Kevin’s house in Smithborough, County Monaghan, but released a short time later. It would later transpire that MI6 Officer; Michael Oatley had sought McGuinness’s release in 1986. Kevin McKenna had Gardai reporting to him, but I have no idea if he knew about MI6 intervention at that point.

Kevin McKenna, believed that if he could succeed where Adams and McGuinness had failed, the failed murder attempt on Thatcher in 1984 at Brighton, then McKenna would remain unchallenged as Chief of Staff.

Targeting Mrs Thatcher

Kevin McKenna wanted me to go to London, find work, keep my head down and establish a means by which Thatcher could be targeted. I was also to look at other potential targets such as the Channel Tunnel that was under construction at that time, House of Commons and so forth, but my key focus was to be Thatcher.

I was to spend as long as it took to put together a plan that had a realistic chance of success. I arrived in London, having told my wife I was simply going to seek work on the Channel Tunnel that was well paid, this was not an easy decision, but I had a job to do.

I arrived in London in 1989, I secured work in Kingston Upon Thames on the construction of the new John Lewis department store. I initially lived on a light-weight fibre-glass house boat on the Thames close to the site on which I was working. I piloted the boat into central London on three occasions, I wanted to get up close pictures of The House of Commons, and to establish if there were any storm drains or sewer pipes coming from the House of Commons into the Thames, pipes into which a high-explosive bomb or mortar might be placed.

On my first scouting mission into central London with the boat, I thought I was being pursued by the River Police when they came up behind me with siren blazing and blue light flashing, however, they went straight past me as a Disco Boat called the Marchioness had been sunk by a dredger and 51 people had been killed. The Marchioness had taken only thirty-seconds to sink.

The summer of 1989 was a scorcher, and in normal circumstances this was a very beautiful part of the world, however, my task was to plan murder.

The boat, orange and white, that I lived on belonged to the main building contractors Mowlam's, it can be seen here harbored beside the John Lewis site.

John Lewis Department Store, Kingston Upon Thames, London
On the building site I worked as a labourer under my own name, although most simply called me Paddy, which I had no problem with, most Irish were called Paddy by non-Irish. The two main foremen were from Glasgow and so we got on well together, they were called 'Jock', they placed me with an English man and his two sons, all three of them were brick-layers. I would labour to them and if there was some block work to be done, I would lay some blocks.

I got on very well with Colin and his two sons, we all worked hard, and at lunch time we would have some lunch and a glass of beer at the Cutters Wharf, we could take our lunch out to the picnic tables that sat along the Thames. We talked about work and the site we were working on, this was a new build, but during initial excavation, an eight-hundred-year-old Kingston Bridge, dating back to 1150, had been discovered and preserved.

I got to know some of the other people working on what was a very large building site, some of the English brick-layers and labourers were Territorial SAS, which meant they were weekend soldier’s, but it reminded me that I was no so far dispatched from the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

I knew that I would be subject to at least some surveillance by the security services if they were aware of my presence in London, before leaving Ireland I had been arrested under anti-terrorist legislation on many occasions. With this security issue to the fore of my mind I engaged in a number of simple anti-surveillance techniques.

At night I secured work in Burger King, this meant that I could hop on and off buses without drawing too much attention. I also befriended a gay couple who were from Glasgow, they were cleaners at various locations all over London, they had a car and knew London extremely well. One of the premises that they cleaned was British Aerospace, to which I had unfettered access. 

I travelled to the Channel Tunnel once, simply so I could take pictures and have train receipts to prove to Kevin McKenna that I had actually visited the site. The site in Kent was massive, they had effectively built a town at the tunnel entrance.

I simply had to say to Jimmy and John, that I would love to see Downing Street or the Tower of London and they would simply ask when. On evenings that I was not working or scouting into central London, I would enjoy a beer in The Royal Oak Pub. I always expected to be approached by the security services, but they never did.

The British economy was booming in the summer of 1989, sports cars lined the streets and Rolex watches hung off the wrists of quite ordinary people.

On Friday, 22 September, 1989, I arrived early on the building site, my brick-layers wanted to get away early as they were doing a nixer for one of the foremen, I got the bricks set-out and the site prepared for a day’s work. I was working hard with my Brick-layers, we had the radio on and were building large decorative brick flower-beds on the road outside the John Lewis site.

It was a beautiful Friday morning, house boats and pleasure boats were passing by on the Thames, the sun was shining and all appeared well. However, the early morning sun was about to be eclipsed by the breaking news on the radio, a short distance away at Deal in Kent the PIRA had exploded a bomb killing a number of Royal Marine Bandsmen. I could see that my fellow workers, the Englishmen, looked at me almost accusingly, not that they knew anything about me, but simply because I was Irish. There was no Google back then.

PIRA Bombing in Deal in 1989
The news of the bomb in Deal and the carnage and death caused, left me in a precarious position, however, I would simply have to continue as normal. When we returned to work on Monday, 25 September, 1989, the massacre at Deal was old news, we continued to work as normal.

The John Lewis department store was an incredible piece of architecture, a four-lane slip road was constructed straight through the main site, it was simply an incredible fete of engineering. I remember one day a convoy of black cars led by a siren blaring police vehicle went through the tunnel, the sound was electrifying, the convoy was simply carrying Princess Margaret to a local Church service.

By the end of 1989 the British economy was in difficulty, and my reconnaissance work was almost done. I would continue to work on the site into 1990, however, the British economy was going into a deep recession that would last for five quarters and was the deepest UK recession since the Second World War.

While the recession did not impact on my decision to return to Ireland, it was sad to see so many people lose their jobs in a very short period of time. My English brick-layers had plenty of work for me, but I had to leave and we had a farewell drink.

I returned to Ireland in 1990 and gave Kevin McKenna a detailed outlay of my reconnaissance work in London. Kevin McKenna was again impressed by the level of detail that I provided, and he told me to continue to work with another member of East Tyrone PIRA.

Part of a comprehensive Intelligence Report that I presented to Kevin McKenna
When I returned to Ireland in 1990, it was clear that The PIRA was finished, the truth be told, the PIRA were finished after Loughgall. While the PIRA could set bombs of in London and murder people, the question had to be asked, who was in control, it was my view that the security services were controlling a lot of people.

I was lucky to get my job back in Monaghan Mushrooms, where I was promoted to Foreman by Mr Lesley Buckley who would later work with Ireland’s leading businessman, Mr Dennis O’Brien.

Writing to Mrs Thatcher

Having lived in London 1989-90, and seeing the British economy go from boom to bust, I felt that I might write to Thatcher and ask her to reconsider her approach to Northern Ireland. When writing to Thatcher, I was well aware that her tenure as Prime Minister was going to come to an end one way or another very shortly. However, if Thatcher did survive all of her enemies, she would still be a powerful force in relation to British policy relating to Northern Ireland.

Original letter sent to Mrs Thatcher 1990
In 1991, the fatal blow was struck against the PIRA in Monaghan when the SAS shot dead Michael ‘Pete’ Ryan, Laurence McNally and Tony Doris. This unit led by Ryan had been involved in a series of sectarian murders and human bomb attacks and this was the dying throws of the PIRA in Monaghan. Pete Ryan and Laurence McNally had to ask a civilian to drive them to their final destination, that is how desperate The PIRA were in Monaghan.

In 1992, I left Monaghan Town and moved to Armagh City. I was quickly introduced to John Hume and I began to work on what would become known as the ‘peace process’ and the Good Friday Agreement. Kevin McKenna knew about my work with John Hume and he had no issue with the talks between Adams and Hume, however, he simply did not trust Martin McGuinness.

Meeting Mrs Thatcher

In 1999, I was in London to brief MPs on continued Human Rights abuses by Sinn Fein/PIRA. I was invited to meet with a member of the House of Lords, to which I agreed.

As I was walking into the private rooms at the Lords, I meet Mrs Thatcher on the corridor, I was star struck, I was introduced to Mrs Thatcher and she was as I had expected, pleasant but stern. I blurted out that I had written to her in 1990 about Northern Ireland, she said she still had the letter, and that my letter had helped her to reconsider her position in relation to Northern Ireland.

O Maggie©

Verse from Song I wrote in 1981: My cell is icy cold, I am alone, my body it has turned almost to bone, but to the end, I know I must fight, for I know now, I will died before the night…(Tune: Snipers Promise)

Chorus from Song I wrote in 1981: O Maggie, O Maggie, can’t you see, don’t you know, these awful things they don’t have to be, and if you take these H-Blocks cells away, I promise you I will have no more to say (Tune: Snipers Promise)

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Market Sweeping on the Net is a Cost-effective Marketing tool for the Hotel industry©

Market Sweeping on the Net is a Cost-effective Marketing tool for the Hotel industry©

I wrote this short paper in 2011. While it applies to the Hospitality sector, the basic rules apply to any activity that you are trying to promote on-line. Use a small number of Social Media Tools, and use them well, if you have a generic website for your work, make sure to place a link on every Social Media post back to your generic website. Sometimes it is tempting to Follow people just for the sake of Following them, however, each Follow should be carefully considered.

If you Follow inactive Social Media sites, then this will affect your overall ranking on Google, if you Follow Social Media sites that are simply Spam, this will also damage your overall ranking. I check Social Media sites for people all the time, and while they have jealously protected their 5,000 Followers, it normally transpires that 50% and more are actually inactive or spam. This type of poor site management means that people who are trying to share an important message are in fact talking to themselves. 

Organisations such as Sinn Fein/PIRA are controlling a lot of conversation online, however, people who engage with Sinn Fein/PIRA are seriously damaging their own overall ranking as Sinn Fein/PIRA sites are on a Watch List of Fraudsters. Sinn Fein/PIRA target sites that are active and who challenge their view of the world, they will target the Followers of such sites and try to get people to stop Following a certain site. Once you allow yourself to Follow instructions from Sinn Fein/PIRA this is picked up on an Algorithm and you are viewed as working under Sinn Fein/PIRA instruction and your listing is affected.

During the boom years of Ireland’s unprecedented economic growth known as the years of the Celtic Tiger, traditional businesses were collectively pushed into spending hundreds of millions of Euros on establishing and developing websites for their businesses. Business executives signed off on large sums of money to newly established IT businesses in order to have websites established and developed. Business executives and boards of directors were told they would be left behind if they did not throw vast sums of money at establishing an e-Business aspect to their business.

In the aftermath of the boom years and now well into recession much of that eBusiness investment has been exposed as a black hole. Many companies have been left with nothing more than black holes in cyber space; they do not have and cannot afford the staff necessary to ensure the regular up dating, management and maintenance of their web sites. This dilemma is not just typical of small and medium sized companies; a cursory browse of the Internet will show that many large companies have websites best described as white elephants. Clicking links on many business websites is like walking through a cyber ghost estate.

Now businesses are being told that social networking sites such as Facebook are the place to have their businesses sited, with ‘500 million’ members and a target for 1 Billion members by the end of 2011 Facebook is certainly a place in which products and services can be marketed and sold, however, Facebook is not the be all and end all of eBusiness and eCommerce. This is not the time to spend tight budgets on salaries to IT companies to set up and maintain a Facebook site for your company. Facebook is a free service and with some in-house training or small consultancy investment, staff members could be up skilled to deal with this aspect of your marketing strategy.

However, if you do insist on spending time and money on establishing a Facebook site for your business, I would suggest that you get value for your money. I have been trying a concept that I now call, Market Sweeping on the Net, this concept involves establishing several accounts in the name of your business, for example, an account for Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, uTube and so forth. The type of accounts you establish will depend on your business, for example, if you are a Hotelier it will not be possible for people to book into your Hotel on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and so forth. If you are a Hotelier, Market Sweeping on the Net, is ideal for you.

Market Sweeping on the Net does exactly what it says on the tin, you use your various accounts to sweep the net in order to drive potential customers to your generic website where they can book rooms, make restaurant reservations, make inquiries and so forth. It is important to emphasise that your business type will determine the type and number of accounts that you should sign up for. You may ask what possible value a Twitter account can have for your business as it only allows 140 characters per post; the fact is that Twitter is a free service that allows you to put your brand name into a new market place. If someone views the name of your Hotel on Twitter and you’re presenting a special offer, that person is only a click away from your generic site.

Facebook, Blogger, uTube and other services offer similar opportunities for your business, however, it must be stressed that you need to be certain that you will be able to manage and maintain these accounts once the initial euphoria is over. Facebook is a worldwide social networking phenomena, will Facebook be worth the time, energy and more importantly the money you will inevitably spend, the answer can be found in the stats from your generic site, if you’re not getting the hits can you justify the costs. Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, uTube and other accounts will not present an overnight success story, these accounts take time to build, potential customers will only visit your generic site if it is presented as interesting and worthwhile. You have to ask yourself, why someone would want to visit your site rather than the hundreds of millions of other sites available on the net. Your sites must be regularly up dated, they must be interesting and they must have Keyword Research at their heart. You must have good quality links both to and from your generic site.

Keyword Research is not science; if you’re in the Hotel business then your posts must contain Keywords relating to your business, both the pages on your generic web site and your regular postings must contain Keywords that will be picked up by the search engines. Search engine optimisation is important in promoting your business on the net, again it is not rocket science and don’t let anyone tell you that it is, keep your page and post titles short and to the point, describe who you are, what you’re selling and where are you selling it. For Example, ‘Central Hotel Dublin-rooms from £59-Luxury you can afford’ (56 characters), you can say so much in so few words. Make sure your tags are relevant to your site content.

Continuing with the Hotel industry, Market Sweeping on the Net, is ideal, you use every opportunity possible to sweep the net and draw potential customers to your generic site where they can view your range of products, services and offers. In my own experiments with Market Sweeping on the Net I have found that an increase of up to 30% potential customers can be drawn to my generic sites, a 30% increase in potential customers is very significant in the new economic dispensation. Businesses can no longer afford to spend money on worthlessness and uselessness, every Euro spent must show a return. If applied correctly Market Sweeping on the Net could bring significant new numbers of potential customers to your generic site.

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